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Here at Hood Vintage we resell vintage and pre-loved clothing. We buy these clothing items in bulk which would otherwise end up in landfill, items that would be contributing to fashion pollution, the second largest contributor to pollution after oil.

We then select the items which we know will be loved by one of our customers, just like you. Once we have these items, we fix them up sustainably. Sometimes this can mean dying, re-working and deep cleaning the clothing to make them perfect for purchasing. Before uploading the products onto the Hood Vintage site, the people of Hood Vintage steam, photograph and measure each item to ensure the perfect fit.

Hood Vintage, Fashion Pollution and Waste

One of our main motives is to educate young people on the importance of reusing and upcycling second-hand clothing, there is a growing popularity around vintage clothing that we want to expand even further.

To further our contribution to sustainable and eco-friendly movements, here at Hood Vintage we work alongside two excellent companies. Ecologi is a global tree-planting and charitable organisation which funds some of the most effective climate crisis solutions. We donate to the company each month, sending 15% of our profits to aid their causes. The other company we work hand-in-hand with is NoIssue, they produce our packaging for each time we send out an order to one of our lovely customers. The packaging they provide is customised to our needs, while still being sustainable, they can provide: tissue paper, tape, stickers and mailer bags.

Ethics are also at the forefront of our aims as a sustainable business, by donating to Ecologi, we contribute to WWF backed projects such as protecting the Amazon and reforestation efforts in Kenya.

Ecologi X Hood Vintage, Sustainability

Moving forward, the staff of Hood Vintage would love to operate on a carbon neutral basis, from how we source our products, to how we package them and dispatch our deliveries to our customers.

So, now you know a little more about us here at Hood Vintage, sign up for our newsletter and watch our journey as we try to change the fashion industry for the better.

You can view Ecologi and learn more about their work here.

You can visit the NoIssue site and read more about their ethics here.


Words by Ellie Rochell  

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