Buying vintage is more than just enjoying unique and classic clothes. The 'fast fashion' industry generates 100 billion garments per year and is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

At Hood Vintage we are committed to running our business ethically and sustainably, which is why 15% of our profits goes directly to In doing so, we will be supporting WWF backed-projects, such as the Peruvian Protection of the Amazon, or Reforesting Kijabe in Kenya. We will also be supporting the development of renewable energy sources, with initiatives such as the Wind Farm Project in Turkey, or Solar Power farming in India.

Our passion for sustainability is deeply-rooted within our own team. Meet our latest recruit Ramin Hoodeh. A sustainability consultant by day; Ramin has joined our team to ensure each product is carbon neutral when it leaves our warehouse.

Our goal is to eventually operate on a carbon neutral basis within our own supply chain; from sourcing, packaging and distributing our products. 


Ramin is also a sustainability consultant for London-based fintech start-ups.