At Hood Vintage we are committed to running our business as ethically and sustainably as possible. Our goal is to become the UK’s first carbon negative clothing brand.  This means that we will not only offset our carbon footprint, but we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. This can only be achieved if our supply chain is supported by eco-friendly partners like from top-down. 

Ecologi, Company for sustainability and charity

Who is Ecologi?  Exactly the kind of project we’ve been looking for...

We are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Ecologi;  an NPO who plant trees around the world with subscription revenues, as well as a share of companies profits who are invested in the cause. 
Imagine a subscription service that helped save the planet. Like Netflix, users can ‘subscribe’ to Ecologi for as little as £1.50 a week and their money goes towards various emissions reducing projects in places like Kenya, India, Malawi and Madagascar.  Each project is independently certified with Gold Standard, an environmental integrity body established by WWF in 2003.
What’s great about this initiative is that it targets people who are concerned, but feel helpless about the climate crisis by giving them a platform for impact. 
Here’s some ways in which people like me and you can make a monumental difference around the world, by supporting the following projects: 

Protection of the Amazon, Peru

Located in south east Peru, the Madre de Dios region, Ecologi funded the protection of 98,932 hectares of Amazonian rainforest. Protection of this area prevented 659,793 tonnes of CO2e from entering the atmosphere each year.
This project ensures the long-term conservation and sustainable management of the forest, promotes healthy wildlife habitat, and prevents future compromise of the forest carbon stocks.

Solar power in Maharashtra, India

The project involved the installation of 100 megawatt solar power project in west India, Maharashtra. The project displaced 164,869 tonnes of CO2 every year during the project’s lifetime. India’s electricity grid is made up of 55% coal, and it is in urgent need of accelerating their transition to a low carbon energy mix.

Wind Farm project, Turkey 

This Gold Standard carbon offset project from Elektrik Üretim A.Ş., installs 16 wind turbines (2.5 megawatts each) in the north western Turkish province, Bilecik.
When fully operation the project will be responsible for responsible for 63,392 tonnes of CO2e emission reductions each year.

 Reforesting Kijabe, Kenya

Ecologi, alongside our partner Intrepid are replanting Kijabe Forest in Kenya. Years ago the indigenous forest was turned into a eucalyptus plantation (non-native species). After the eucalyptus was harvested 15 years ago, it has sat deforested ever since. There are a few patches of eucalyptus that have continued to regrow over the years, but for the most part it’s bare land. The areas that weren’t under plantation have been deforested for charcoal and firewood over the last 15-20 years, and is no longer a closed canopy forest, but a mix of pasture and degraded forest thickets.
There used to be wetlands and springs on this plateau, so as the trees are planted the soil will be restored and the water catchment area improved, as well as other ecosystem benefits for the animals and insects.
Other benefits to the area include: Jobs for local people will be created from the planting, as well as opportunities to collect seeds from the Juniperus and Croton tree species, that is used for infusing gin.

Offsetting is one of the ways we are reducing our carbon footprint alongside using renewable energy in our factory, warehouse and head office. We will also be partnering up with Green Courier Service. Green Courier is the leading environmentally-friendly courier in the UK. 
We are so happy to be founding members for offset and love what they are doing. We look forward to visiting our trees when they start planting in the UK.

There are lots of questions you might have about planting trees as a climate change solution, feel free to reach out to and we’ll share all our tips and NGO’s we are in partnerships with.

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