Ways to Wear - The Vintage Sweatshirt

Vintage sweatshirts and hoodies are in vast abundance, you can find hundreds in vintage stores and charity shops, each with its own story. A wardrobe essential for all, there is countless ways to style this iconic item. We often have sweatshirts just like this in stock, buy your vintage staples on Hood Vintage.

Have a look at some ways to wear vintage sweatshirts. 

Everyday Casual 

Hood Vintage X Vintage Sweatshirt

Image and style credit: We Heart It

This is an essential outfits suitable for most seasons. Pair your favourite denim with your vintage sweatshirt for an everyday comfy and casual, yet stylish outfit. 

Hood Vintage X Vintage Sweatshirt Style

Image and style credit: Knowsan Shop 

Showing the versatility of styling a vintage sweatshirt. This outfit is again ideal for any gender. Pairing blue denim jeans with dress shirt, but layering a sweatshirt on top for a more casual look. 

Hood Vintage X Sweatshirt

Image and style credit:  Elliot Peter Smith

Here we have a Hood Vintage sweatshirt styled and photographed. Again sticking with the everyday casual and one of the most popular ways to style these sweatshirts. 

City Girl Chic  

Hood Vintage X Sweatshirt Style

Image and style credit: Slush Vintage

Taking a twist on the usual sweatshirt style. By pairing your favourite vintage sweatshirt with a floaty midi skirt and white trainers, you get a comfortable and walking appropriate outfit whilst still adding a feminine flare to a basic outfit. 

Vintage Sweatshirt X Hood Vintage X Styled

Image and style credit: Fayeamyxo

This monochromatic outfit pairs nicely with the vintage Nike sweatshirt. This is a warmer weather but still stylish way to wear a sweatshirt. Simple, yet effective this outfit combo will never fail. 


Streetwear Classic 

Streetwear X Hood Vintage

Image and style credit: Union Sapporo Parco

This stylish and popular outfit combines colours and patterns to achieve the classic streetwear look. Paired with bright coloured Vans, this outfit stands out in the best ways.

Hood Vintage X Street Style

Image and style credit: Slush Vintage

Again showing the versatility of all of the mentioned styles, this streetwear look looks amazing all genders. The edgy Doc Martens contrast to the classic style of the checked trousers. Perfect for Autumn and Winter, this outfit is timeless.  

Words by Ellie Rochell 

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