No Issue - What's it all about?

No Issue X Hood Vintage

No Issue is a company which designs and sells sustainable packaging. They produce a wide range of custom packaging, including tissue, stickers, tape and mailers. These items are fully customizable and available in low minimum quantity orders for independent businesses.

Since starting their revolutionary business, they have identified their ‘ideology transparency’, which are three frameworks which allow them to continue to improve their sustainable packaging. These three principles are based around having products which are compostable, recycled and reusable.

No Issue X Hood Vintage

The brand also has an Eco Packaging Alliance, this means that after each order is made to the company they plant trees in an area in need. This reforestation project has led to the planting of 35,136 trees globally. Although, feel free to check their site and view their tally on how many trees have been planted so far!

Their brand has grown from a small business to a global company, they have customers and distributors worldwide. This all helps their work in sustainability and reforestation.

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Words by Ellie Rochell 

No Issue X Hood Vintage X Sustainable Packaging

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