depop ~ reasons why it's worth your time

Meet our head curator Anya Moen as she talks about her passion for Depop. 
Such an every day thing for some but an A L I E N parallel universe for others is what Depop appears to be. It’s like people want to waste their hard earned dolla on items from generic and overpriced high street stores that you could get for a fraction of the price on Depop or a totally different item that is a million times more attractive. Depop changed my life (dramatic) & I promise I’m not encouraging anyone to be overly consumeristic at all, but here are the 3 main reasons why it’s the best and you need to download it:
  1. You can find the COOLEST & most original items on there.
  2. It’s basically a incredibly easy to use Instagram for floggin your clothes (& buying more).
  3. Ebay is kinda old news now right?… I can never find much on there apart from an abundance of phone cases and glass screen protectors. ALSO not to mention sellers offloading their deader than dead garms, hanging limply and miserably on a black plastic Matalan hanger –  items that I wouldn’t even dream of passing off to my worst enemy lol
C’mon it’s 2020, the postage system hasn’t failed me yet so the “What if I don’t receive my item?” excuses are just null & void lol unless you’re buying from a tortoise & “What if it arrives and it’s fake??” …well if you have the slightest bit of common sense I’m sure you’ll know that you’re not purchasing a genuine Gucci tee for £30… Simple.
Above: My Depop profile – as you can see it’s so similar to Insta! P.S buy my stuff lol xx
So, I started my selling streak on Depop over 3 years ago to fulfil my amateur entrepreneurial desires and not long after that I started buying a lot of vintage/ one-off unique pieces from there. As a student myself, I know too well the monthly challenges of making ends meet, so just from selling your unwanted/ ex-beloved items on there you’re making yourself a lil extra income whilst freeing up wardrobe space for more beautiful garments. There is SO much inspiration to gain from browsing all of the different profiles and one of my faves at the min is a girl from the US called @mashar, (below), I just thought these 60’s pop art custom made print trousers were absolutely beaut, massive Moschino vibe. 

 (Above) For example, I am absolutely in love with the ‘s snake print pants but unfortunately my minuscule budget won’t allow me to purchase from the same place that A-listers buy their clothes from, so I’m currently waiting extremely patiently for someone to sell a pair on Depop. If you’re reading this and you own a pair that you no longer desire – hit me up pls.

I’ve bought absolute HEAPS from Depop. The majority of the clothes I purchase for festivals I always find there as I don’t really see much point in buying brand new items when you will more than likely only wear them once. PLUS – you can literally find the ultimate garm de la garm on Depop: the amount of times that I’ve missed out on an item and I genuinely feel heartbroken lmao. 

Here are some of my favourite items that I’ve purchased on Depop over the years:

This animal print shirt is SOO funky and I knew that I needed to own it as soon as I saw it. It can be worn on its own but also with a lil bralet underneath it. I also bought this Moschino reworked bralet from Depop which is such a great lil number.

 I found the cutest Fred Perry vintage tennis skirt for like £20, so really an absolute bargain. The beauty with buying vintage on Depop is that once you eventually get fed up of the item you can really easily sell it on! Everyone at the moment is obsessed with vintage items/brands and Depop provides millions of sellers worldwide with many sellers specialising in one-off vintage items – you have to snap these items up quickly!

I found these amazing velvet leopard print flares on a profile by a girl who custom creates different tops and bottoms. They are sooo pretty and comfy, I don’t think I can ever part with them. 

So, there really is no excuse to not start using Depop religiously, you’ll thank me for it if you haven’t done so already.

Lots of love,

Anya x x x


Great item, updates and quickly sent. Easy purchase and highly recommend! - John, Liverpool